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品牌 : GMEMS

型号: GMA303

规格: 14bit ADC ,G SENSOR

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GMA303为BOSCH/博世BMA280/255/250E/223/222/221/220 PIN TO PIN产品!




GMA303 ±16g Tri-Axial Digital Accelerometer

General Introduction
GMA 303 is a tri-axial digital accelerometer with ±16g dynamic range and 13-bit ADC resolution.
It integrates MEMS sensing element and a CMOS conditioning IC in a compact 2×2×1 mm3
package. The high resolution makes feasible precise applications like e-Compass tilt
compensation. The wide sensing range further opens enough windows for motion detection.
Finally the small form factor makes it an easy fit-in for compact applications like wearable.
 Tri-axial digital accelerometer with ±16g dynamic range
 13 bit ADC resolution with sensitivity 256 LSB/g
 Digital I2C interface supporting both fast mode (400kHz) and normal mode (100kHz)
 Temperature sensor for internal compensation and capable of digital output
 Operation voltage: +2.4V ~ +3.6V; IO interface voltage: +1.8V ~ +3.6V
 Power consumption:
 Continuous mode (CM): typical 140uA to 250uA for 128Hz ODR
 Non-Continuous mode (NCM): typical 85uA to 100uA for 1~8Hz ODR
 Suspend current < 1uA
 One interrupt pin with selectable polarity and push-pull/open-drain option
 Built-in functions:
 Data-ready interrupt
 Motion detection: normal and differential modes
 Auto-Wake/Sleep transition
 4-tap moving average filter with high-/low-pass option
 5000g shock tolerance
 12-pin QFN lead-free package. Footprint: 2mm × 2mm, height: 1mm.
 RoHS compliance



Vendor GlobalMEMS
Category G-sensor
Model Number GMA303
Cross Reference P/N BMA280/255/250E/223/222/221/220
Status  MP
Brief Description Digital Tri-axial
Package QFN-12
2×2×1 mm3
Dynamic Range ±16g
Sensitivity 14Bit ADC
Operating voltage (Vop) 2.4V~3.3V
Interface voltage range 1.62~3.6V
Operation current <200uA (normal)
15~30uA (low power)
Standby current <1uA
Output data rate Normal: 200~0.5Hz
Digital Filter LP 
Operation temperature -40~85℃
Storage temperature -40~125℃
Digital interface I2C
0g offset ±60 mg
Shock resistance (unpowered) 5,000g


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