Free launch UGC service on TV enabling HD Free Sub

wqyuwss Post at 2007/6/28 16:47:00

Free are stepping into the video 2.0 paradigm with their new User Generated Content service, enabling  friends, family and  user community to publish their own content on TV.

With Freebox HD Free subscribers can create their own television channel

With TV Perso Free subscribers equipped with Freebox HD are the first people in the world to be able to create their own television channel that can be viewed directly on a television. Users can become producers, presenting their own channel and sharing their content either live or via playback to all or part of the Free subscriber community.

The only Box with a video encoder, Freebox HD is the 1st new generation Box.

Users can broadcast video on TV Perso simply by plugging compatible equipment directly into the video input on their Freebox HD. You can easily share your family, local, community, cultural, sporting or educational events with your friends and family, to a community of users (sports club, local, cultural or educational association etc.) or with all eligible Free subscribers with any kind of Freebox.

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